Refund & Cancellation Policy

No Refunds

In general, the club has a strict No Refund policy; in that funds will not be returned unless the circumstances are deemed extraordinary, warranted, & worthy by the club. However we will attempt to provide & facilitate transfer, credit or replacement whenever possible, practical, or reasonable to do so in order to provide the purchased service or product.

We are a not-for-profit club run solely by volunteers. We don't have the capacity or margin to just write off costs or lost earnings. If you are reasonable with us, we will be more than reasonable with you.


Membership and Affiliation Fees

Membership of Centenary Archers Club is taken for a 12 month period from point of payment. The total fee paid on registration includes affiliation fees to the South Queensland Archery Society (SQAS) and Archery Australia (AA).

A pro-rata amount of the Centenary Archers Club component of the membership fee may be refunded at the discretion of the Club's Committee. Refunds will not be made retrospectively. Centenary Archers Club cannot refund affiliation fees paid to SQAS & AA at the time of joining. That will need to be directly & independantly taken up with those organisations.

A person whose application for membership of Centenary Archers Club is rejected will be refunded the amount paid for the Centenary Archers Club component of the total fee, not including the online processing fee.

Annual Grounds Fees

Tournament Registration Fees

Centenary Archers Club adheres to the SQAS & AA policies with respect to refunds of tournament registration fees.

Methods of Refund

Any refunds will be made either through GameDay, bank transfer, or cheque; at the discretion of the Club's Committee.