Centenary Archers Club

Bringing Target Archery to the Western Suburbs of Brisbane for over four decades.

Who we are

Formed in 1984, the Centenary Archers Club is a not-for-profit volunteer community sports organisation that strives to provide a safe, friendly, & positive environment for target archery practitioners. We are governed by Australia’s national governing body, Archery Australia, and our regional governing body is the South Queensland Archery Society.

We cover everything from teaching archery, to social archery, up to hosting State target archery tournaments & championships and National Youth Championships. We have a well deserved reputation as the most friendly, welcoming, & fun archery club in South East Queensland, if not further.  We have a large amount of youth archers & programs to support them. We happily accept archers of all ages (8 to 108), & from all corners of the sport: Olympic Recurve; Compound Bows; Barebow Archery; Longbows; Horsebows; & Traditional Archery. You name it!

Our club is located in the tranquil Wacol Station Road Park, Wacol Station Road, in the suburb of Sumner, Queensland, Australia. Even if you don't visit us for archery, at least come & say hi to our resident kangaroos.