Mud Army 2022

In February/March 2022, along with a large part of SE Qld, the club was flooded (again). This lead to a massive undertaking by the membership to prevent & cleanup the damage caused.

As a thank-you, the club created and handed out a special badge to all the club volunteers who assisted in this mammoth effort. These people literally saved the club & brought it back to life. Thank-you!

Mud Army 2022 Badge

Pre-Flood Evacuation

R Carmody; K, L & R Connell; D Conran; V Tse

Post-Flood Cleanup

M Barry; R Carmody; K, L, M & R Connell; D Conran; E & H Crighton; M Davies, S Doherty; S Dunstan; B Dymock; K Fardell; H Ford; I & K Hall; S & Y James; M Kluver; M Lambert; R Larsen; R Long; M Lovell; K Lowe; K & L McNutt; D, K & L Patmore; G & L Peril,; A, I & S Porter; A Raymond; L, L  & P Roux;  A & E Sodini,; Y Toh; J & M Watson; P Wilson

Special Thanks

Without your help, we would never have gotten all that mud out. Thanks!

For an instant "no questions asked" flood relief grant. Appreciated.