Club Rules & Range Etiquette

Like all clubs, our members come from all walks of life and have different backgrounds. Our common attribute is that we all want to do archery. To make sure that everyone enjoys their time at the club we have a few common-sense rules that we like to follow. We follow Archery Australia’s Code of Conduct which is committed to upholding the principles of fairness, respect, responsibility, and safety at all levels of archery. For the protection of all members and children who come to the club we also adhere to Archery Australia’s Member and Child Protection Policy.

Centenary Archer’s Club Rules

These are in addition to Archery Australia’s Code of Conduct.


Some archers take their shooting very seriously while other archers see the sport as a leisure activity. Due consideration should be given to those who might become upset by distracting behaviour.

All members are advised:

General Code of Conduct Guidelines

(excerpt from Archery Australia’s Code of Conduct)


The safety of everyone at Centenary Archers Club, whether they are shooting or just watching, is of paramount importance. Archery safety is a matter of exercising common sense, good judgement and courtesy. All members are responsible for their own safety and the safety of others. To make sure that everyone stays safe on and off the field we follow a few simple rules, some of which are outlined below. Our club’s Safety Policy follows that of archery’s national governing body in Australia (Archery Australia). Everyone who shoots at Centenary Archers is a member of Archery Australia, and so should read, understand, and abide by the full Safety Policy.

For all Archery Australia official documents please visit their “Policies and Procedures” page on the Archery Australia website.