Beginners Course

The Beginners Course is designed to teach the finer points of archery technique and form, so it is important that the attendees have had some prior archery shooting experience. It is assumed that the attendees know how to safely operate a bow and are familiar with the safety whistles and procedures used on the field.

For this reason it is compulsory for all attendees to have participated in a Come & Try Archery Day (or similar event) at an Archery Australia affiliated club.

The course has had a complete overhaul and is designed to get you on your way to doing archery properly. Get a real taste for archery!

Please note that younger children (perhaps 13 years or younger) must be willing to stop and listen to the instructors during the class. We’ve had young students who just want to do archery for fun – that’s fine, but the course isn’t just 3 hours of flinging arrows down the field; it includes teaching and discussion, and requires some concentration and engagement. If your child just wants to have a bit of fun then you are very welcome to bring them back on Saturdays & Sundays afternoons; if they really want to learn then the Beginner’s course is for them!


The Beginners Course runs over 2 Saturday mornings from 10:00am to 1:00pm.

You will need to be at the ground by 9:45am or earlier to get set up with your equipment.

If the weather is very windy or it is raining constantly or is extremely hot, then that day’s lesson may be postponed. If the Level 2 Instructor’s decide to postpone the lesson, each person enrolled in the course will be advised by phone that morning. The course dates will be re-scheduled to make up for any lessons postponed due to weather.

Fees and Bookings

The Course Fee is $55 for members. This includes insurance cover, archery equipment hire, handbook, coaching and certificate.

The full course fee is payable at the time of your booking via PayPal or credit card. Refunds are at the discretion of the Club Committee or if you cancel more than 7 days before the course begins.

The Course Fees are subject to review by the Club Committee and may be changed at any time.

Course Details

Core archery techniques

  • How to string a bow.

  • Archery warm-up exercises and muscle toning exercises.

  • The 10 steps of correct archery form.

Zen and the Art of Archery

  • Focus on the feel of the correct archery form.

  • Using the right muscles for good consistency and to prevent injury: back tension, shoulder muscles and bow arm rotation.

  • How to score arrows – a competition round will be shot.

Individual Refinement

  • The coach and instructor will work with each archer to refine their skills.

  • Shooting at longer distances.

  • How to select the right bow and arrows for you.

Book your course here!

Choose a date from the list below, complete the booking form and pay the course fee of $55 per Club member (PayPal or credit card) to secure your booking.

Each person will receive a Beginners Course Certificate.

All courses are supervised by a qualified Archery Club Coach. The Archery Coach also has a Positive Notice Blue Card under the Child Protection Act (Qld) and the Club has a Child Protection Policy in accordance with the Archery Australia Club Management Manual. The Club also has a Code of Conduct and Risk Management Policy in place.

For new members wishing to buy their own archery equipment, the Coach and Official Club Instructors are available for advice. We can recommend a suitable size and strength of bow and size arrows and length to match each person. Equipment catalogues and price-lists from local Archery Dealers are available from the Coach.

Other Requirements and Safety Issues

  • Due to our Public Liability Insurance Cover, every person on the Club grounds, whether shooting or non-shooting, must sign a Temporary Membership Form to be covered by the insurance policy. Spare forms will be available at the first day of the course for parents or other visitors.

  • All children under 16, not accompanied during lesson time by a parent or guardian, must be signed in by a parent prior to the lesson starting and must be signed out by the parent after the lesson is finished. The parent will be required to leave a contact phone number to comply with the Club’s Child Protection Policy.

  • Open-toe sandals, thongs or bare feet are not allowed as arrows that may be lodged in the grass can injure your toes or feet.

  • Generally clothing should not be too bulky around the chest and arms so as not to get caught in the bowstring. Similarly, jewellery such as long ear-rings, cheek or lip or nose piercing, necklaces and arm bangles may need to be removed for safety reasons, as well as long hair may need to be tied back.

  • The drinking of any alcohol prior to or during shooting is strictly not allowed.

  • If any person has a medical condition that requires medication or has any allergies to food, plants or insects, they should advise the Coach prior to the course starting, so that medical care can be given in case of an emergency.

  • Kangaroos are protected native animals, so all shooting will stop until the field has been cleared.

Course Location and Facilities

The Beginners Course is located on the main field of Wacol Station Road Park, Wacol Station Road, Sumner. Entry to the Park is by the driveway near the cream weatherboard hut (our Clubhouse). The Club sign will be beside the entry. If you wish to park your car in the shade of the trees, please beware of possible risk of falling branches from these trees. Please use caution and drive slowly at the entry gate as there may be cars turning into the driveway. Please GIVE-WAY to cars entering the driveway as it is only one-lane traffic into and out of the Park.

Everyone attending the course, and parents or visitors, should come down to the field to sign on at the desk under the tent.

The Clubhouse has a bathroom. Drinking water is available in portable containers on the field. We also have a range of cold soft drinks & bottled water, for sale. There is also tea and coffee available (free) – you’ll just need to boil the jug.

What to Bring

The archery ranges are open field areas, but there is some shading offered at the waiting line and further back under our gable roofing. Please wear suitable clothing for the weather conditions, especially during summer, as the lessons will have you standing in the sun for a couple of hours – a bottle of water, hat and sunscreen are recommended! Shaded areas are available behind the archery shooting line for parents and visitors to setup chairs and picnic blankets. All parents are welcome to stay, but it is not a requirement.