Club Tools

Our club has a number of high value archery tools & equipment available to its members, these items can be used at the club, or with arrangement, some can be taken home for short loans.

Bow Press

This device takes the strain off a Compound Bow's cables and strings, allowing tuning & adjustments to the bow's setup. You don't need it often, and they are big & expensive, so that's why we have one so that our members don't need to have their own.

Arrow Saw

Need to reduce the length of your arrow shafts? You need an arrow saw. This is the best way to accurately & cleanly cut your carbon & aluminium arrow shafts to length. You can't use a typical saw to neatly cut carbon fibre arrows.

Metal Detector

We wouldn't be an archery club without one of these. Need to find a lost arrow? This is your new best friend. Sometimes it the only way to find them when they've buried themselves.

Arrow Puller

Every archer eventually gets an arrow stuck in a target butt. This device grips on to the arrow shaft and with a system of levers & pivot points, applies mechanical advantage to extract your arrow with minimal effort & without damage to your arrow.

Arrow Straightener

Got a slight bend in your aluminium arrow shafts from a bad impact? You might not have to toss them out. With this device, you may be able to recover your arrow shaft's straightness again.

Arrow Fletching Jigs

We have three (3) six-arrow fletching jigs, with options for straight or helical fletching of vanes or feathers. Doing six arrows at a time cuts down the time considerably.

String making jig

The club has an adjustabe steel string making jig, for making or repairing typical Recurve or Longbow Strings. This can save you considerable money compared to strings purchased from reputable archery stores. You can also customise your string to exactly your personal requirements.

Serving Jigs

The club has a couple of string serving jigs for applying serving thread to bow strings.

Grain (Arrow) Scale

Need to check or change the weight of your arrows? You need a very fine set of scales. Your kitchen scales don't have the accuracy or the resolution required. We measure arrows down to Grains or fractions there of.

Bow Draw Weight Scale

Need to know exactly what poundage your bow is set to, this device, plus a friend, is what you need.

Bow Draw Length Indicator

Measure how long your draw length is. Required for calculating your bow's Draw Weight & what the minimum length of your arrows needs to be.

Bow Stringer Posts

We have two(2) bow stringing posts for archers to use for easily adding & removing the bow string of their Recurve & Longbow bows.

Bow Squares

These devices are used to measure the brace and tiller heights for Recurve Bows & Longbows. Most archers should have and carry their own, but we have some in case you don't.

Nock Pliers

For attaching brass nocking points correctly & cleanly onto your bow string.

First Aid Kit

The club has several first aid kits and supplies located on the left side wall / entrance of the Target Container.

Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

The Club has an AED which is located on the inside of the left door of the Target Container Shed when archery is underway. Otherwise, it is located inside the Club House (near the road) after hours to avoid possible damage due to excessive heat.