SQAS Annual Silver Arrow Inter-Club Team Events


Silver Arrow Tournaments had their origin in the early 1950’s – Target only – with an annual event between two clubs – Wynnum and Grange – for a special Arrow Trophy – handmade by Mr Rhys Williams (same trophy as the one still being contested today for the Silver Arrow Target event – Recurve Teams).

Now-a-days it has Target, Field, Clout, & Indoor event components.



You can find more information at the SQAS Silver Arrow page and the 2023 guidelines document.

How do I participate?

Unfortunately, our club doesn't currently host any of the events, so you will have to travel to another SQAS club to participate.

You sign up & attend as you would for any SQAS event. There is a nominal fee (see the SQAS Guidelines). Remember to take your AA card with you!