The OzBow Program

The program commences after archers have undertaken and successfully completed the Come & Try Archery class and have joined the club. They may have purchased their own equipment or be using club equipment.

The program’s goal is for archers to achieve a score at a given distance. Once they have achieved the score, they are awarded with an OzBow certificate, an Award Sticker and a special Centenary Archers Club Award.

The program is designed for both youth and adult archers. Distances are set at increments of 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 metres.

OzBow target qualification involves an archer shooting 30 arrows (maximum score 300 points) at the required distance shooting on a 122cm target face.


The OzBow Program will be held on the 2nd and last Weekend of the month from 12:30pm. Registration for shooting is via Archer's Diary.


Adults/Juniors: $30 for entire program (plus Ground/Hire Fees).
You will receive the Centenary Archers Club:

  • Water Bottle

  • Certificates

  • Award Sticker

  • CAC Award

CAC Award

Water Bottle


Award Stickers


Arrows are shot in groups of 6 arrows, this is called an “end”. After each “end” has been shot, the arrows are scored. The arrows are scored in descending order highest (10 points for the inner gold, an “X’ for the inner circle within the 10 ring) to the lowest score (1 point for the outer white zone) and written in the appropriate boxes on the scorecard. If an arrow touches the dividing line between two scoring zones it will score the higher value. Arrows that do not score are marked on the scorecard in the appropriate box by writing an “M”.

OzBow Target Qualification Table

Scores required to be shot per bow type;


  1. Register in Archers Diary;

  2. Six (6) arrows per End;

  3. Five (5) Ends;

  4. Shoot on an OzBow day under Tournament Conditions;

  5. Score with Archers Diary and official scorecard;

  6. Scorecards to be signed by archer and scorer (witness);

  7. Give scorecards to OzBow Coordinator;

  8. Achieve the required score; receive Award certificate, Award Sticker and Special CAC Badge