Tune your bow

Setting up and tuning your equipment is a vital part of archery, although the outcomes related to tuning your equipment are directly related to your shooting technique and your skill level.

There are many, MANY different methods for tuning your bow. A few of the guides available online are listed below.

We’ll start with the Archery Australia’s Recurve Bow Tuning guide. It’s a short (7 page) guide with pictures.

Easton’s “Tuning Guide” is a bit more in-depth and contains several different methods for tuning your bow such as:

You can download the pdf here: Easton Arrow Tuning and Maintenance Guide

Tuning for Tens” is a complete tuning guide written by Rick Stonebraker from the Texas State Archery Association. You can down load it here. Additionally, he wrote "Tuning for Barebow" too.

The “Archer’s Reference” is another excellent source of information about bow and arrow tuning. It is currently up to its 5th edition, and comes in 5 languages.

The Principles of Bow Stabilisation with Stabiliser Rods – Understanding the Why and How.

Author : Graeme Jeffrey

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