The MMMMMM Barry Trophy

This perpetual trophy (Pronounced “Six Em Barry”) is a fun trophy awarded each year to the Centenary archer who achieves:

"The highest cumulative arrow score in a year ... in someone else's target."


The event, story, nickname, & instant legend that gave rise to this trophy was when a club archers, Michael Barry shot the very last end of a National Competition into the wrong target, thus resulting in a Zero (0) score for that end. i.e. M M M M M M.

The Rules

Please remember to report the score of any wayward arrow(s) you find in, or near your target. Miss (M) arrows are recorded too, in case of a tie-break.

Current Scoreboard

Totals so far (Italics for comps)

K. Hall:  7(1) + 17 (3)

S. Dunstan : 22 (10

T. De Jong: 6 (1) + 8 (1) 

R. Connell: 13 (2)

S. Brown: X (1)

D. Conran: 3 (1)

Past Winners

2023: R. Larsen
2022: R. Connell
2021: B. Dymock
2020: M. Barry