The MMMMMM Barry Trophy

This perpetual trophy (Pronounced “Six Em Barry”) is a fun trophy awarded each year to the Centenary archer who achieves:

"The highest cumulative arrow score in a year ... in someone else's target."


The event, story, nickname, & instant legend that gave rise to this trophy was when a club archers, Michael Barry shot the very last end of a National Competition into the wrong target, thus resulting in a Zero (0) score for that end. i.e. M M M M M M.

The Rules

  1. Winners automatically join the trophy’s committee.

  2. M. Barry always has a casting vote on the committee.

  3. Committee decisions are final. There is no appeal.

  4. Shooting at the correct target from the incorrect lane counts.

  5. In the event of a tie, a count-back of total arrows will determine the winner. Extra points may be awarded for competitions.

  6. The year is considered over, and the next starts when the trophy is awarded.

Please remember to report the score of any wayward arrow(s) you find in, or near your target. Miss (M) arrows are recorded too, in case of a tie-break.

Past Winners

Current Scoreboard

Totals so far (Italics for comps)

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