Membership & Fees

All about the club and membership


Before you can join our club, you must have completed a Come & Try class (or possess a similar certificate from another club) in the past twelve (12) months, or be a current member of an affiliated archery club or organisation.


The Club membership fees for 12 months are:

  • $60.00 for Adults; and

  • $40.00 for Under 18s.

Family rates are available for 3 or more family members. You can view or download our Constitution.

You must also join the State and National Archery Association when joining the Club. The State Association (South Queensland Archery Society) and National Association (Archery Australia) combined annual membership fees are:

Archery Australia membership is essential as it provides you with insurance while shooting at any Archery Australia affiliated club.

Total membership fees per year

Over 18 years old: $60 (Club) + $125 (SQAS & AA) + processing fees = $188.52

Under 18 years old: $40 (Club) + $90 (SQAS & AA) + processing fees = $132.64

Family fees

The first two adults, or one adult and one minor pay full fees, additional members pay half the club fee only.

All membership fees are due on the same date you joined each year.

Ground fees

  • Adults: $5 per visit

  • Under 18s: $2 per visit

  • Gear Hire (inc. Ground fees): $10 per visit

  • Visiting AA members: $10 per visit

  • Visiting Non-AA Archers: $20 per visit

(For members of a non-AA affiliated club, or under-instructor supervision. Temporary Membership Required! Max. of 4 visits.)

  • Non-Shooting Visitors: Nil

  • Working Bee participants: Nil (includes shooting after Working Bee)

  • Course attendees: Included in prepaid fees

  • Tournaments: Included in prepaid fees

Prepaid Annual Grounds Fees

  • Adults: $200

  • Under 18s: $80

New members

As you can only join online, Credit Card and Processing fees apply to the Archery Australia and SQAS portion of the fee i.e. your total fees will be slightly higher than $185.00 to account for those fees.

Direct link to Membership Portal in Archery Australia


Choose “South Queensland Archery Society” from the “State” pull-down menu, then choose “Centenary Archers Club” from the “Club” pull-down menu. Don’t hesitate to ask us if you have questions about the process.

Renewing members

Club fees will be due on the same date as your Archery Australia and SQAS fees – that’s the date on your Archery Australia Card. You can renew online using the above link, or navigate through the appropriate links when you get your renewal reminder from Archery Australia.